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If you choose to donate; we will ensure that your gift is used to support children at BGS, that all amounts are recognised and appreciated and that you are kept informed.


Leaving a legacy to the school in your will is one of the most powerful and lasting gifts that can be madeLegacy bequests have tax advantages for both the School and your family because they are free of Inheritance Tax and gifts of shares and property are exempt from Capital Gains Tax. If you have already made a Will, you can add a codicil in consultation with your solicitor or legal adviser.

Leaving a gift in your will

Regular giving

Regular contributions create a huge impact. A £500 donation would equate to just two years paying £15.32 a month (with Gift Aid). 60 donors, contributing this amount, over two years means a full bursary for a girl or boy at Sixth Form.

All regular donations are used to support children of all ages throughout the school.

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Sponsor a student

100% bursaries are offered to those in genuine need of the full amount and are often given to those who demonstrate real promise and ability at Sixth Form level. Donors can choose to sponsor a student individually or as a collective group of friends. Additional sponsorship opportunities are available to support younger children.

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Acknowledging our donor support

The Thorne Society, named after Nicolas Thorne, our founding benefactor, recognises our donors and those who plan to leave a legacy to support children at Bristol Grammar School.

A new exclusive event will be held annually. In addition, donors will be offered the opportunity to have their name listed in acknowledgement of their kindness on a donor wall and in print. (The choice to remain anonymous is always respected).

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