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Senior School Sports Day 2022

Wednesday 29 June


Event date: Wednesday 29 June
Event location: Newport Stadium

All the details you need to know regarding arrangements for Senior School Sport Day can be found below:

Date and times – usual school day or are drop off / pick up times are impacted at all?

  • Wednesday 29 June 2022
  • Normal school day drop off and pick up

What pupils should wear?

• House colours

Can parents spectate? If so where do I go?

• Yes, parents are welcome.

• Events start at 10.30am

• Newport Stadium, Newport International Sports Village, Stadium Way, Newport NP19 4PT

The schedule for events can be found here. If there is no time beside the event, then it is not being run on sports day.

Pupils should know what events they are competing in.

Will after school practice be taking place following sports day?

• Yes. After-school practice will still take place.