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Leadership and responsibility

Taking the lead

Our Sixth-formers are the leaders within our community, setting an example for our younger pupils and getting involved with the running of clubs, production of plays and much more.

In the summer term of your Lower Sixth year you can apply to become a prefect. Our Prefects help with the day-to-day running of the School, providing support to staff and pupils in many ways.

Operations prefects help ensure school events run smoothly, welcoming guests and helping them get to where they need to go. Our dedicated Year 6-7 transition prefects work closely with our incoming Year 7 pupils to help them make friends and feel settled in the school. House prefects take the lead in organising various House events and teams, as well as providing a friendly and familiar face for younger pupils in their House. 

You can also apply to become a Peer Mentor while you are in the Sixth Form at BGS. You will receive professional training during your Lower Sixth, and then will be able to act as a Peer Mentor in your Upper Sixth year. Peer mentors provide a listening ear, offering information and advice to younger pupils who might want to talk through an issue or problem they are facing with a fellow pupil, rather than a member of staff. 

Being a prefect or Peer Mentor will allow you to gain important organisation and communication skills, and to demonstrate both commitment and responsiblity. These are all useful skills for future applications you may make, be it to university via UCAS or when looking for employment. 

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Careers Guidance is a crucial element to Sixth Form life.

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