The joy of performing

Inside the classroom and out, the Arts are an integral part of school life in BGS Senior School and Sixth Form.

Music, Drama and Dance are on the curriculum in Year 7 and 8 and available as options in Year 9. We also offer all three subjects at both GCSE and A level, with the addition of Music Technology at A level. Outside of the classroom there is ample opportunity for your child to get involved in the Arts, whether or not they have chosen them as an exam subject.

We offer individual instrumental music tuition in a range of instruments and run a large number of ensembles, from orchestras and chamber choirs to Samba band and small groups. As well as classical music, our ensembles perform jazz, pop and folk music. Performance opportunities come in formal settings such as School concerts and the less formal, such as our Lunchtime Live sessions, allowing plenty of scope for your child to find their niche.

In Drama there is an annual School production and BGS also takes part in the Shakespeare Schools Festival each year. The House Drama competition sees each House rehearse and perform a play in a day, and there is also a Drama club for those looking to enhance their performance skills. In addition to curriculum Drama lessons, individual LAMDA lessons are also available.

Dance is popular throughout all year groups and with both girls and boys at BGS. As well as a whole School dance production, your child can join the BGS dance company who perform at dance platforms across the region. The House dance competition offers everyone a chance to take part, either as a solo act or in a group performance, and there are also House concerts which provide a more informal way for your child to perform in any discipline they choose. A wide variety of Dance lessons are also offered at the School; current BGS parents can register their children for lessons here.

Choice and opportunity
Clubs and Enrichment

With a wide variety of options to choose from, your child will always be able to find something to do at BGS.

The joy of participation

We aim to make exercise fun and enjoyable, hopefully forming a lifelong habit for your child.

Beyond the Classroom
Outdoor Education

At BGS every child is involved in outdoor activities, developing a strong sense of adventure in our pupils as they move up through our School.