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Two of our Year 7 pupils, Jack and Clodagh, share how they found their first few weeks in Year 7 at BGS.

How was your first week?

Jack: On my first day I was nervous and excited but as soon as I walked into my form room everyone was so kind and welcoming and I’ve already made some great friends. 

Clodagh: The first few weeks were very exciting, I am the sort of person that worries a lot, and this big change nearly blew my mind! I was so nervous! But the reality is that it is really not that scary. Over the course of a week, I had already settled in and I had made lots of new friends!

What helped you settle in?

Clodagh: Some of the things that have helped me settle are that all the teachers at BGS are kind and understanding to me (as I am sure they are to everyone else). That must mean they have all given a lot of directions to different classrooms over the first few weeks of school! 

I was particularly worried about meeting new people because all my old class mates were going to different schools from me. But it turned out that I met lots of nice people very quickly. One thing that helped was going to the pre-season hockey session, it gave me a chance to make new friends even before the first day of term! Another thing that helped me make friends was going on Year 7 camp. 

Tell us about Year 7 camp

Jack: It was amazing! There was an epic assault course and we all got and covered in mud – it was great. Camp was a great way of getting to know everyone.

Clodagh: On camp you get put with some of your form and some new people in a dorm where you sleep for the night and have a fun few days lighting fires, going on scavenger hunts and hanging out with new friends! 

Are you enjoying BGS?

Jack: Yes! Even though the lessons are an hour long they seem to go really fast because the teachers make them fun.

There are so many things to do at BGS as well as lessons, so far I have joined Drama, LAMDA, Squash and Choir. The sport is also great and I really enjoy representing the school at rugby. As well as this there are many academic activities that take place like the STEM cafés (for science), maths challenges and lots more.

Clodagh: Over all the weeks I have been at Bristol Grammar School I have been having an amazing time, and I am sure that I will continue to enjoy it, even though the homework has now started!!! 

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