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Wednesday 22 November, from 9.00am


Event date: Wednesday 22 November, from 9.00am
Event location: 1532 Performing Arts Centre

CSI BGS offers an inspirational insight into the world of Computer Science.

CSI BGS will host a number of expert personnel from within the industry to deliver talks on the cutting-edge work they have been involved in. Speakers will vary from those involved in curriculum change and the development of computer science in the UK to those working in the games industry. This insight will give students a different view on what a career in computer science may be, beyond what they have experienced in the classroom.

Confirmed speakers:

Prof. Tom Crick MBE - Thinking Computationally in a Digital World

Dr Bahar Rastegari

Dr Sam Aaron - Live coding education

David Pearce - Exam information and breakdown

Tamsin Hodge, Eriol Fox and Lucia Velasco – Women’s Tech Hub Bristol

Open to schools only, £5 per ticket, 1 free staff ticket per 6 student tickets.