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St George's Concert: Mozart's Requiem

Tuesday 13 November, 7.00pm


Event date: Tuesday 13 November, 7.00pm
Event location: St George's Bristol

For this year’s Autumn Concert we have invited parents and staff to combine with BGS Choir in a performance of Mozart’s timeless masterpiece, the Requiem of 1791

Mozart's Requiem is one of the most famous choral works in the classical repertoire partly due to its pivotal role in the Oscar winning film Amadeus. Anonymously commissioned by the quirky Count von Walsegg to memorialise his wife Anna, the Requiem became a source of obsession for Mozart. Already gravely ill Mozart became consumed by the work, believing he had been cursed to write a requiem for himself. Indeed he died before the work’s completion ensuring its place as one of the great unsolved riddles of Classical music. 

At St George’s we will, in the second half of the evening, perform the classic version of the Requiem completed by Mozart’s student Franz Sussmayr. The first half will see a variety of BGS ensembles performing diverse pieces, ranging from Duke Ellington to Barry Manilow! Please do come along to support our Parent and Staff Choral Society and the students, it is always a memorable and exciting event!

Please purchase your tickets from the St George’s Box Office on 0845 40 24 001 or online here