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STEM Café: Climate change

Tuesday 25 January, 4pm


Event date: Tuesday 25 January, 4pm
Event location: Bristol Grammar School

What can we individually do to help climate change?

Following on from COP26, Mark Chapman will be here to talk through how much our personal choices can help improve climate change. We will be looking specifically at our choices around heating, eating and travelling.

Mark is a BGS parent who has previously spoken to us about working on the Bloodhound project and now leads the Special Projects Team at the Active Building Centre looking at how to decarbonise the built environment.

Refreshments available from 4pm in J16, followed by the talk and time for questions from 4.10-5.00pm. Everyone welcome, parents and guardians please wait in reception and someone will come to take you to J16 at 4pm. For more information email Mrs Bourton-Clark,