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Beyond BGS

We maintain strong professional and social connections with Old Bristolians long after they have left school. We consider all former students, family members and staff members of our #bgsfamily. We have an active annual programme of events for all ages and promote and encourage friendships, professional engagement and support. Further Details can be found on the dedicated Old Bristolians' Community website.

The BGS Mentoring Network

We have a network of thousands of former pupils, many of whom have made their mark on the world in their chosen field. We have among them, entrepreneurs and business leaders, scientists, artists and performers, academics and athletes at the top of their game. They range in age from school-leavers who can tell you about life at university, to seasoned professionals who can guide you through career choices. The Old Bristolians’ Network is available to all former students, we have a very active group on LinkedIn and a growing network on our website.


The Old Bristolian Society hosts a variety of social events together with career events and reunions. The Annual Dinner, held in the Great Hall, together with professional networking events in London and Bristol remain hugely popular.

All events encourage volunteer support from OBs to keep in touch with friends, offer advice and support and to maintain strong links with the school and with each other. Find out about our latest events here.

Stay connected

There are many reasons to stay connected to Bristol Grammar School and the Old Bristolians' after you leave. From getting in touch with your former teachers, finding your misplaced exam certificates, asking us to help you find a mentor in your chosen field or country of destination or simply coming back to visit the Great Hall, we are always here for you. Here are some ways to stay connected: