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Results and Reports

At Bristol Grammar School we value the feedback we receive from external assessment and are always pleased when our high standards of achievement, excellent teaching and outstanding pastoral care are recognised through independent evaluation.

We are proud of the excellent academic results achieved by our pupils year after year. 2020 saw BGS pupils achieve another outstanding set of A level and GCSE results.

Despite the very strong results received by our Upper Sixth and Year 11 pupils in 2020, we have decided it would be inappropriate to share headline figures here, and the many individual success stories that are contained therein. With the grading process this year being so radically different, it does not feel right to laud our collective results or make comparisons to previous years’ results, favourable as this would be. This takes nothing away from the endeavours and achievements of our pupils who have allied hard work to their natural talent, and who have overcome the difficulties posed by the pandemic, to achieve so well this year. We could not be prouder of them.

For those interested in seeing the impressive overall statistics for this year group, they are available at subject level for both A level and GCSE below, as well as the results achieved by our first cohort of IB Diploma students in 2020.

GCSE, A level, Pre U and IB Results 2021
GCSE, A level, Pre U and IB Results 2020
GCSE, A level and Pre-U Results 2019
GCSE, A level and Pre-U Results 2018
GCSE, A level and Pre-U Results 2017
GCSE and A level Results 2016

Our most recent inspection was carried out in October 2015 and the Independent Inspectorate Report (published October 2015) judged Bristol Grammar School to be ‘Excellent’ across all eight categories, including the level of pupil achievement, the quality of personal development, the pastoral care provided, the quality of governance and the quality of links with parents.

The report, which can be downloaded below, states that BGS ‘fulfils its aim to achieve excellence in all it does, within and beyond the classroom for its pupils, from EYFS to the sixth form.’

A routine compliance inspection was carried out in March 2019. This found that Bristol Grammar School is meeting all regulatory and legal requirements. The report is also available to read below.

ISI Compliance Inspection Report 2019
ISI Inspection Report 2015