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Results and Reports

At Bristol Grammar School we value the feedback we receive from external assessment and are always pleased when our high standards of achievement, excellent teaching and outstanding pastoral care are recognised through independent evaluation.

Bristol Grammar School is inspected by the Independent Schools’ Inspectorate (ISI).

During our most recent Educational Quality Inspection ISI inspectors ranked Bristol Grammar School as ‘Excellent’ in both areas: the quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements, and the quality of pupils’ personal development.

Individuality is encouraged, diversity is accepted and celebrated. Pupils are well behaved, mature for their age, support each other, respect their environment and embrace extra responsibility.”
ISI Educational Quality Inspection Report, May 2023

We are delighted by the findings of our latest ISI Report following a detailed Regulatory Compliance and Educational Quality inspection, carried out in May 2023.

You can download the full ISI report below. 

The previous inspections were compliance inspections – a full Regulatory Compliance Inspection in March 2019, and an Additional Inspection carried out in October 2022. In both cases, all regulations and requirements were met, with no additional actions required.

The reports of all inspections can be read using the links below.

ISI Inspection Report 2023
ISI Additional Inspection Report 2022
ISI Compliance Inspection Report 2019

We are proud of the excellent academic results achieved by our pupils year after year. For those interested in seeing the impressive overall statistics obtained by our pupils, they are available at subject level for A level, IB Diploma and GCSE below.

GCSE, A level and IB results 2023
GCSE, A level, Pre U and IB results 2022
GCSE, A level, Pre U and IB results 2021
GCSE, A level, Pre U and IB results 2020
GCSE, A level and Pre-U results 2019