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At Bristol Grammar School the Arts are embraced as a vital part of your child’s education. Our 1532 Performing Arts Centre, opened in 2016, offers our pupils access to state-of-the-art performance facilities, but it also offers something far more important.

The experience of creating a music, drama or dance performance alongside their classmates allows your child to develop important life-skills: creativity, flexibility, commitment, empathy, resilience and the ability to work collaboratively with others, to name just a few.

Finding the courage to overcome nerves and take to the stage and the thrill of being in front of an audience will help your child gain confidence in their talents and abilities. This confidence, gained outside the classroom, sparks confidence in the classroom, enabling your son or daughter to rise to whatever challenges may come their way.

As important as all of this is the sheer joy to be had from being involved in a production or performance – the pleasure of working with friends to create something unique and, in the process, making memories which will last a lifetime.

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Creative and Performing Arts Scholarships

We are delighted to be able to offer scholarships in recognition of a child's exceptional abilities in the Creative and Performing Arts.

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