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Year 10 and 11

Achieving their goals

The GCSE years are busy and challenging but at BGS your child will have all the support and advice they need to achieve their goals.

Your child will follow a GCSE or IGCSE curriculum for examinations in the core subjects of Maths, English Language, English Literature, the three sciences, a humanity and a language. They will also choose three further subjects from those they were studying in Year 9 to give a total of eleven GCSEs.

Teaching will be in their option groups, apart from Maths which is set to enable all pupils to have the support and stretch that will enable them to reach their potential. Your child’s progress is carefully monitored throughout all years and especially during Year 10 and 11 to ensure they are managing their academic workload, with their Form Tutor on hand to offer advice and support if required.

As Year 11 students approach the exam period, they will go on study leave. During this time, help is provided in all subjects and your child will be actively encouraged to come into School and develop their independent study skills with the support of their peers and their teachers. 

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School Life
School Life

At BGS, ensuring you daughter or son is happy and enjoys school life is at the heart of all we do.

Sixth Form learning

The Sixth Form years at BGS are an exciting time, when the decisions you take begin to shape your future.