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Senior School and Sixth Form

The joy of participation

Sport is played and enjoyed at every level at BGS, valued for its physical and mental health benefits. BGS prides itself at encouraging involvement and achievement in sports at all levels of ability. We celebrate the successes of our C and D teams just as much as our A and B teams and are delighted that so many of our pupils choose to be involved with sporting fixtures and competitions, both in team and individual sports.

In the Senior School, all year-groups have a timetabled afternoon of Games at Failand each week, as well as PE lessons in the Sports Hall. In Year 7 Games sessions will focus on the main School sports (rugby, hockey and cricket for boys and hockey, netball and cricket for girls). This continues in Year 8 and 9, with football, tennis, athletics and softball offered as secondary sports on a rotation.

For those keen to be involved in school teams, there are regular after-school training sessions and sports fixtures. We try to arrange fixtures for B, C and D teams as well as the A teams, giving everyone who wants to the chance to compete. Alongside fixtures in the main School sports, pupils have also represented the School in football, swimming, badminton, athletics, squash, and even equestrianism. A thriving programme of House sports events offers opportunities for your son or daughter to take part in friendly competition against their peers.

As your child moves up through the School, BGS is keen ensure they have found a way to stay active that they enjoy and can continue to embrace. From Year 10 onwards, Games options extend to include gym sessions, climbing, kayaking and running club as well as the traditional team games.

The weekly Games afternoon continues in the Sixth Form. The options allow our students to choose how much they want to be involved, whether on an individual or team basis or simply to improve their own fitness. Following an induction session, Sixth-formers are able to spend their study periods in the School gym, making the most of our state of the art equipment.

All of our Sixth Form who want to participate in sport and want to excel in a field will be supported and encouraged, with many of our students having reached County, National and International levels of competition. For those who prefer lower-key competition, our House sporting calendar continues to offer a rich variety of sports to engage with and also promotes friendly rivalry between the Houses.

Beyond the classroom
Outdoor Education

At BGS every child is involved in outdoor activities, developing a strong sense of adventure in our pupils as they move up through our School.

Choice and opportunity
Clubs and Enrichment

With a wide variety of options to choose from, your child will always be able to find something to do at BGS.

Learning at BGS

Our aim for your child is for them to leave BGS happy, confident and secure, equipped not just with qualifications but with the skills they will need beyond school.