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Sport for life

We recognise the importance of regular exercise to your child’s overall wellbeing; it offers a chance for them to let off steam and a break from the classroom, as well as all the health benefits of being physically active. We aim to make exercise fun and enjoyable, hopefully forming a lifelong habit for your child.

Starting in the Infant School, your daughter or son will enjoy weekly trips to Failand for sport, as well as Forest School. These Failand sessions will be where your child will have the opportunity to start to learn the basic skills for a range of sports. Games sessions and Forest School at Failand start from September for Years 1 and 2, and from October for Reception.

Our Infant children also have a term each of PE, Dance and Swimming. PE lessons will be taught in the Sports Hall on the Main School site, Dance is taught by a specialist Dance teacher in our Dance Studio in the 1532 Performing Arts Centre and swimming sessions take place at Henbury Swimming Pool.

In the Junior School, weekly Failand sessions continue but with added after school practices for those who would like to be part of a team or those looking to improve their skills. From Year 3 onwards our teams take part in fixtures against other local schools. Playing alongside their friends, your child will experience the camaraderie of being in a team and learn important lessons about winning and losing. We aim to give everyone who wants to the chance to represent the School, whether in an informal tournament or a competitive match, allowing your child to enjoy sport at a level which suits them. 

In Year 3 and 4 each form will have the opportunity to swim at Bristol University’s pool during their PE time for half a year. The rest of the year will be dedicated to PE lessons in the Sports Hall or Forest School at Failand.

Beyond the classroom
Outdoor Education

At BGS every child is involved in outdoor activities, developing a strong sense of adventure in our pupils as they move up through our School.

Learning at BGS

Our aim for your child is for them to leave BGS happy, confident and secure, equipped not just with qualifications but with the skills they will need beyond school.

Choice and opportunity
Clubs and Enrichment

With a wide variety of options to choose from, your child will always be able to find something to do at BGS.