Year 7–Year 10

Children usually join the Senior School in the Autumn term of Year 7, 9 or 10, following Entrance Examinations held the preceding January.

Places are sometimes available in other year-groups, or for entry at other times of the school year. For up-to-date information on the availability of places or for more details of entry procedures, please contact Hollie Matthews on 0117 933 9885 or e-mail

For entry to Year 7 in September 2018 Entrance Examinations will be held on 13 January and 20 January 2018. 

For entry to Year 8, 9 or 10 in September 2018 Entrance Examinations will be held on 13 January 2018. 

For 2018 entry, the Entrance Examinations consist of:

Year 7: Verbal Reasoning and Problem-solving papers, and a creative writing task

Year 9: Papers in English, Mathematics and Science and a Modern Language (ML) linguistic competency test

Year 10: Papers in English, Mathematics, Science and ML linguistic competency test

As part of the entry process, alongside the examinations, we also consider a reference provided by your child’s current school and all Year 7 candidates are invited to meet with a member of staff to discuss their hobbies, interests and school work.  Details of this appointment will be sent following your Year 7 application.

If you are interested in a scholarship or a bursary for your child, you can find details of the application and assessment process on our Fees and Bursaries page and Scholarships page.

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