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Celebrating Humanities, English and the Arts

The HEARTS subjects open students’ eyes to what being human really means, giving them the opportunity to experience new things, understand new concepts and express themselves.

At BGS the HEARTS subjects – History, Geography, PRE, English, Music, Art, Dance and Drama – are a key part of our curriculum. Visiting speakers, debates and Philosothons, a lively Literary Society and thriving creative and performing arts departments mean HEARTS are at the centre of BGS life year-round.

They are celebrated each year in HEARTS week, a mini-festival with events and activities for the whole School to enjoy. Concerts, lectures, talks from authors or artists, trips to the theatre or our own performances; each department hosts events which celebrate these fundamental subjects. Your child will be encouraged to attend some of these, perhaps learning something new or discovering a different way of seeing the world. 

School Life
The Performing Arts

At Bristol Grammar School the Arts are embraced as a vital part of your child’s education.

Sixth Form Learning

The Sixth Form years at BGS are an exciting time, when the decisions you take begin to shape your future.

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Find out about our latest events and what our pupils have been doing.