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Trips and visits

Learning outside the classroom

During the course of each year, your child will be offered the chance to experience learning outside of the classroom and enjoy opportunities in the form of trips or visitor events at School.

Fieldwork, in subjects such as Geography and Biology, allows your son or daughter to apply their learning to real life situations. A visit to the battlefields of the First World War always brings home to our historians the scale and impact of that conflict, and plays being studied in English or Drama are literally brought to life by theatre trips.

Your child will also have the opportunity to travel overseas to support their language learning, with cultural and language study trips offered across a range of year groups. As well as being educational, trips also offer the excitement and fun of time spent away from the classroom, enjoying new experiences with friends.

Every year we also invite a wide range of visitors to the school who take assemblies, workshops or host talks for the different year groups. We have seen an impressive list of authors and illustrators visit the school as part of our Literary Events Programme. Each term we invite an author or illustrator who will host an event for one of the phases of the school, giving all our students the chance to benefit from this interaction in their time at BGS.

All of our events and trips offer our students opportunities for both adventure and personal development. 

Sixth Form Learning

The Sixth Form years at BGS are an exciting time, when the decisions you take begin to shape your future.

School Life
Clubs and Enrichment

With a wide variety of options to choose from, your child will always be able to find something to do at BGS.

News and events
What's on and News

Find out about our latest events and what our pupils have been doing.