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Support to move on

​In the Sixth Form, small form groups, usually led by the same tutor throughout the two-year period, offer essential support and guidance, assisting students as they make the next important decisions in their lives.

Wellbeing remains a critical part of your child’s education in the Sixth Form. Form tutors will lead weekly Wellbeing sessions for the form group in both the Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth; additionally there are weekly lectures from a wide range of speakers, attended on an alternating basis by Lower and Upper Sixth students. These sessions continue to discuss issues and challenges your child may face, building on their experiences and developing their resilience for the world beyond school.

Sixth Form is a chance for our students to take on some of the support roles for the lower years. Our Prefects not only help run the School but also provide support and assistance to staff and pupils. Our dedicated Year 6-7 transition Prefects work closely with our incoming Year 7 pupils to help them make friends and feel settled in the school.

A number of our Sixth-formers also volunteer to go over to the Infant school to read with our youngest children. Peer mentoring is yet another opportunity for our Sixth Form pupils to get involved and develop their leadership skills. A team of our Sixth-formers will receive training in how to provide a friendly advice service that is readily accessible through a drop-in centre, e-mail or secure post system in the Library.

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