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Supporting your child

Growing up in the 21st century presents challenges to young people and at BGS we do all we can to help your child learn to navigate their way through them.

We want your child to flourish at BGS, not just intellectually but morally, physically and emotionally. The School has a focus on wellbeing through the exploration and affirmation of positive values, within a culture that upholds respect, compassion and understanding. Building emotional resilience in your child will come from them learning how to access and apply their emotional resources within a supportive environment, as they face various challenges that life in the 21st century can present.  

At BGS we understand that growing up isn't always plain sailing and that sometimes life can throw up unforeseen difficulties. Whatever their age or stage in the School, however small or big that difficulty may be, there is support tailored to your child.  

Our school counsellors work with any children or staff in the School who need a safe and confidential place to talk about anything that maybe confusing, painful or uncomfortable while our school nurse is always on hand to deal with knocks, bumps or even breaks. 

Learning Support

We help each child to achieve their best, whatever their individual strengths or abilities.

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School Life
The School day

The School day starts at 8.30am for all children. There is also before and after-School provision to support family life.