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Years 7–11

The Senior School day starts at 8.30am, with breakfast available from 7.45am–8.20am every day in the Sixth Form Centre. Each day starts with either Form time or an assembly and provides an essential point of contact for students each day with their form tutor.

There are five lessons in a School day; most days pupils will have three lessons in the morning and a further two lessons following lunch. On the day that a year-group has Games at Failand, they will have a fourth lesson in the morning. They will then travel to Failand by coach and have lunch in the Pavilion ahead of their afternoon Games lessons.

The school day ends at 3.50pm but the Library remains open until 6.00pm for your child to complete homework or some individual study. There are also after-school clubs, music ensembles and sports practices which your child can choose to get involved with.

Learning Support

We help each child to achieve their best, whatever their individual strengths or abilities.

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School Life
Care and Wellbeing

Growing up in the 21st century presents challenges to young people and at BGS we do all we can to help your child learn to navigate their way through them.