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Looking for a good read?

Inspired by World Book Day to get stuck in to a new book? BGS staff have shared some of their favourite reads – why not take a look and pick something new? If you need more inspiration, the BGS Library team are always happy to help with recommendations.

Like crime and detective stories? Try the Dr Ruth Galloway series by Ellie Griffiths, as recommended by Ms Denny, Learning Support teacher.
"I love them! Ruth is a Forensic Archaeologist specialising in identifying bones. She helps the local police with murder cases, too. The books are set in the Norfolk coast."
Recommended for older teens and adult readers.

Prefer non-fiction? Head of House and Physics teacher Mrs Glenn has just finished The Future of Geography by Tim Marshall.
“Tim Marshall lays bare the new geopolitical realities to show how we got here and where we're going, covering the new space race; great-power rivalry; technology; economics; war; and what it means for all of us down here on Earth."

If your tastes are less space-age and you would rather be transported back in time, then there's a choice of two great historical books:

Head Librarian Mrs Osafo recommends The Square of Sevens by Laura Shepherd-Robinson (age 14+).
She describes it as "An epic gothic thriller set in Georgian England where nothing is what it seems, and the plot twists and turns like a rollercoaster! This is the story of Red, an intriguing heroine searching for the truth of her parentage amongst dark secrets, lies and family conflicts. Cleverly plotted and well-paced, this book kept me completely hooked from beginning to end!

Library Assistant Miss Poole's pick is Disobedient by Elizabeth Fremantle (age 16+).
"Disobedient is the powerful and inspiring story of Artemisia Gentileschi, an Italian painter constrained by the oppressive societal expectations of the era. Set primarily in 1611 Rome, Artemisia’s flourishing talent as an artist becomes marred by her assault and the subsequent trial to restore her honour. It’s these brutal events that inspire some of Artemisia’s best works.
Well researched and beautifully told, Disobedient is an important and gripping read for both World Book Day and International Women’s Day."

We return to non-fiction with Doppelganger: A Trip into the Mirror World by Naomi Klein (age 14+), chosen by Library Assistant Roisin Crowsley Ward.
"Author and social activist Naomi Klein is regularly mistaken for 90’s feminist author and anti-vax conspiracist Naomi Woolf. In Doppelganger Klein attempts to track and understand Woolf’s transformation from 2nd wave feminist to regular guest on Steve Bannon’s podcast. It is an intriguing and thorough look into the world of right-wing conspiracy theory and what it is that can make this world so appealing."

Finally, Dr Briggs, Head of Creative Writing at BGS has shared a book recommendation with us too:

"The Topeka School, by Ben Lerner, is both a moving coming-of-age story and a sophisticated critique of masculinity and privilege in 1990s and early noughties America. The novel is set mostly in Topeka, state capital of Kansas, with occasional interludes in New York, and focalised through the point-of-view of its four main characters: the protagonist, Adam (a high-school debating champion who strongly resembles Lerner as a teenager); Adam’s parents, both psychologists/therapists attached to the Topeka Foundation, an experimental psychoanalytical community; and Darren, a boy from Adam’s school who commits a terrible act of violence with a billiard ball. This event is in many ways the hinge of the novel, with much of the narrative circling to examine Darren’s influences and motivations, seeking to understand. The cover of the book and most of its front matter is comprised of extravagant praise by other novelists (which sometimes makes me sceptical), but I have to admit that it is one of the most intelligent novels I’ve read in some time. The Topeka School is probably best suited to pupils in Y11 and above."

Thank you to everyone who shared a favourite read or a new discovery with us. Happy reading!