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Encouraging independence

Teaching in Year 3 is designed to help our children progress easily from their early infant years towards becoming independent and motivated learners.

Your child will be encouraged to develop their independent thinking skills, helping them to get the most from all their learning opportunities. 

They’ll have lessons in English, Mathematics, Science, ICT, History, Geography, Religious Studies, French, PE and Games, Music, Dance, Drama, Art and Design Technology. They’ll also have a weekly PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) lesson, which is taken by their Form Tutor. This covers a wide range of topics such as citizenship, health, safety and friendships.

Forest School and swimming remain on the curriculum, which alongside PE, Games and Dance, are taught by subject specialists.

A whole afternoon each week is given over to our Activities programme, where your child can chose a new challenge or a favourite hobby and spend time with friends from across the Junior School. With such a huge range of clubs and activities to pick from, your child will be able to find something that suits their talents and interests.

School Life
Junior School day

Life in the Junior School

Beyond the classroom
Outdoor Education

At BGS every child is involved in outdoor activities, developing a strong sense of adventure in our pupils as they move up through our School.

Infant School learning

Boys and girls learn to work and play alongside each other, forming lasting friendships and developing confidence in their own abilities.