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Preparing for the next step

By the end of Year 6, your child will be well prepared to move on to the next stage of their education and to embrace the many opportunities the Senior School offers.

The curriculum is broadly similar to that in Year 5, although Food Technology is replaced by Textiles (also taught by a subject specialist, using Senior School facilities). To familiarise your child further with the Senior School, Year 6 science is taught in the Senior School labs, giving them the chance to get to know another building and another member of Senior School staff. 

While your child will still have a form room and tutor, many lessons will be taught by other members of staff, each with their own area of expertise, and in different rooms. This helps your child learn to take responsibility for their own books and equipment and is excellent preparation for Senior School. 

There is still plenty of time for enjoyment in Year 6. The Activities programme continues, allowing a break from more traditional learning and afternoon with friends. There are also traditional Year 6 highlights such the Year 6 play and end-of-year camp.

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There is no such thing as a 'typical' BGS pupil; your child is unique with their own interests and they will find their own place at BGS.