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The path ahead

Careers guidance at BGS is about providing the best and most up-to-date information for our pupils on the variety of options beyond school, be that University, an apprenticeship, College courses, straight into a job or a combination of these.

The Future Pathways department are on hand to give guidance, support and advice to all pupils in the school, from questions about subjects they may take for GCSE or A level, to career paths outside of school and work experience options.

We aim to provide accessible and well-resourced guidance for our pupils at any stage of their school life. To support this we host and visit a wide range of careers conferences and events so that your child can get a real insight into specific fields of work. These start in Year 10 and continue through the Sixth Form with the events becoming more tailored and specific to the needs of each year group.

We are enormously grateful to our Old Bristolian and parent communities who regularly give their time and expertise to support these events.

Sixth Form Learning

The Sixth Form years at BGS are an exciting time, when the decisions you take begin to shape your future.

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Senior School Learning

There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ Bristol Grammar School pupil; your child is unique with their own talents and interests and they will find their own place at BGS.