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Enrichment and balance

In addition to your three A level subjects, will you will also follow your choice of elective subject. The subsidiary electives aim to provide a choice of enrichment or balance to the main subjects.

For September 2023 entry, students following the A level route in Bristol Grammar School Sixth Form can choose from:

Sports Leaders Programme
The Sports Leaders Programme is designed to develop confident, healthy leaders through sport and physical activity. You will be required to plan, deliver and reflect on your ability to lead in a sporting context; this will be done through a combination of lessons and practical exploration of leadership, both within and outside of school. This course would suit pupils who have a passion for sports and exercise, combined with an enthusiasm for developing the sporting opportunities for others within BGS and the local community. Previous experience of leading/coaching would be beneficial, but is not essential. Along with developing your confidence and leadership skills, this course will enable you to serve in your local community working towards a qualification that can lead to further leadership opportunities in the future. Successful completion of this qualification will also provide you with 16 UCAS points if you intend to apply to university.

Mathematical Studies
The AQA Mathematical Studies qualification is ideal for pupils who have achieved a Grade 5 at GCSE and have a passion for Mathematics but do not want to commit to the full A level course. Mathematical Studies is also an excellent complement to other courses that include statistical analysis such as, but not limited to, Biology, Psychology, Geography or Economics.

Taught over the two years of Sixth Form, you will study statistics, data analysis, estimation and critical analysis. There is also a personal finance module to prepare you for life after education. By taking this course, it shows future employers/university admissions that you are a logical thinker with excellent problem-solving ability. This is a Level 3 qualification (roughly equivalent to the demands of half an A level).

EPQ (Extended Project Qualification)
The EPQ is your chance to plan, research, develop and produce a project in an area of interest to you. In carrying out an EPQ, you will develop and extend skills in independent research and project management, equipping you for study after BGS.

The shape of your project is decided by you – whether it be an artefact (writing an extract from a book, producing a piece of music, writing some computing code) or an essay (titles are wide ranging, and can include any subject that is not being studied within your A level courses).

The nature of the EPQ allows for it to be a stand-alone elective, or chosen as one of two electives, subject to timetabling constraints. Further details about the EPQ can be found in the Sixth Form Prospectus or in the Your BGS Sixth Form section.

AFA Creative Writing
If, in your spare time, you’re the sort of person who’s been working on a novel, writing songs and poems, developing ideas for film and/or play scripts, or trying your hand at journalism in a variety of styles, this course is for you.

AFA Creative Writing provides a space for you to receive regular feedback on the writing projects you want to develop, the ones you’d most likely be working on anyway. Absolute freedom with regard to both reading choices and writing projects isn’t just allowed, it’s absolutely central to how the course works.

Further details about the AFA Creative Writing course can be found in the Sixth Form Prospectus or in the Your BGS Sixth Form section.

A level Further Mathematics
A level Further Mathematics can be studied as one of your three A levels or in addition to your three A levels, as long as you are studying Maths at A level. To study A level Further Mathematics you are required to achieve a minimum of a Grade 8 at GCSE.

Further details about the A level Further Mathematics course can be found in the Sixth Form Prospectus or in the Your BGS Sixth Form section.

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