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Scholarships at BGS

Scholarships are awarded to recognise an individual’s exceptional abilities in any one, or more, of a number of areas – academic, sport, and the creative and performing arts.

Since September 2023, pupils awarded a BGS Scholarship will receive an annual grant to support their development in the field of their award, and join our Scholars Programme, giving them access to a wide range of opportunities designed to stretch and challenge them. Scholarships are available for entry to our Senior School and Sixth Form.

All pupils (including those awarded a scholarship) are eligible to apply for fee assistance. Our means-tested Bursary award scheme offers a range of financial support whether you need help with 10% or 100% of the fees, with additional financial support available, where required, for uniform, equipment, travel, trips, and other ancillaries.

Why don’t BGS scholarships carry an automatic fee reduction?

Each scholar is given a grant for them to further invest in their talents and passions. By removing automatic (non-means-tested) fee reductions, we can support more families who would otherwise not be able to attend the school. In doing so, we will create a community that truly represents the city which we serve, enriching the experience of all of those who study and work here.

Over the coming years, through our 500 Campaign, we are planning to increase our fund for means-tested bursaries, to enable us to make a BGS education accessible to even more families.

How to apply

At whatever stage of their education they join us, your child will be welcomed into the BGS family.

School Life
The Performing Arts

At BGS the Arts are embraced as a vital part of your child’s education.

School Life

We aim to make exercise fun and enjoyable, hopefully forming a lifelong habit for your child.