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Congratulations Year 11 on your GCSE results

Enormous congratulations from all of us at BGS to our Year 11 pupils, who received their GCSE and IGCSE results today. Simply to have reached this point, in this year of all years, is a phenomenal achievement. As we stated earlier in the week, the disruption to this cohort’s education has been greater than that for any other since the end of the Second World War. To have come through all that has happened over the last eighteen months, and to have achieved their grades in ten, eleven, or even more different subjects this summer, with all the changes to the assessment system that gradually unfolded over the last six months, is a feat that nobody should underestimate.

Against such a backdrop, their outcomes – individually and collectively – have been amazing. At BGS we focus on the individual journeys rather than simply the final grades, and there are so many stories of success, at all levels, in these results. As their families know, each pupil’s particular route to this point has presented different challenges, and we could not be prouder of the courage, resourcefulness and commitment they – and their outstanding teachers – have shown.

Headmaster Jaideep Barot says: “We are so proud of these young men and women, not just for the results they have deservedly achieved, but for how they have handled everything that has been thrown at them, and how they have grown.

“Too often, we talk about what they have missed out on during the pandemic. Today is a day to look, instead, at what they have managed to achieve, and the skills and habits of mind they have developed, which will stand them in great stead as they move forward onto the next exciting steps in their education – independence in digital learning, online collaboration with teachers and peers, resourcefulness, resilience, self-sufficiency, and the confidence that they can achieve in the most extraordinary of circumstances. They, along with many others who will now join them from schools across Bristol, are ready for the joys and challenges of BGS Sixth Form.

“I can’t wait to see them all back in School in a few weeks, to congratulate them properly. In the meantime, I want to pay special tribute to my colleagues. Our pupils and parents know quite what lengths our teachers and wider staff have gone to, on constantly shifting sands, to support and encourage our pupils, and to enable them to stay safe, stay balanced, and perform to their best. I am humbled to lead such an extraordinary staff body.”

Year 11 pupil, Hazel, says: “This year has been extremely tough, but I gave it everything I could, and am proud that it’s paid off. I couldn’t have done it without the support of all my teachers.”

Deputy Head (Academic) Daniel Stone, says: “Accessing learning through a full timetable, taught remotely, is difficult, but each individual engaged thoroughly, ably supported by Form Tutors on a daily basis, and stayed focused throughout the lockdowns. These excellent results are just reward for their dedication and perseverance.

“This year’s grades have been based on rigorous evidence, obtained across several pieces of work which tested the material that pupils had been taught, and which were painstakingly checked and cross-checked by expert subject teachers, before going through the boards’ quality control processes. Our pupils deserve everything they have achieved, and I am looking forward to following their further development into young adults of great character, in the Sixth Form.”

Year 11 pupil, Isla, comments: “It’s been a difficult year for everyone, but having a great outcome has made all the hard work worth it. Everybody has been there to support and care for each other, pupils and teachers, and this has helped me to achieve the very best I could.”

Justin Harford, Director of Sixth Form, says “I am looking forward to working with these impressive young people as they enter what we hope will be a more settled two years in their education at BGS. I was delighted to see so many of them return, along with those joining BGS in the Sixth Form, for the Next Steps programme following the end of their assessments. The aim of this programme was to support and guide them as they move into BGS Sixth Form, providing them with starting points for their subject choices as well as vital information about making the most of the opportunities that are on offer such as for the performing arts, sport, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Careers and so much more.”

One of our Year 11 parents comments: “It was just really lovely that in the middle of a pandemic, you told all the kids that whatever they got, they would have a place in Sixth Form. It really took the pressure off at a difficult time.”

Jay, from Year 11, says: “I’m really looking forward to joining the Sixth Form. It’s going to be more of a challenge, but I’m excited to get started and be able to focus on the subjects that I am passionate about.”

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