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Scholars' event with Russell Earnshaw

As part of the Scholars’ Programme we invited England Rugby coach, educator and BGS parent Russell Earnshaw into school this week. Russell specialises in stretch and challenge and high-level thinking. He challenged our Year 7 and 8 Scholars to be creative. Setting them a variety of puzzles and creative problems, he then encouraged pupils to break rules and to design a school from scratch. What should ideal buildings and school day look like? Ideas ranged from a trampoline park, more option choices in Years 7-9 and lots of beanbags, blankets and cushions, with relaxation and wellbeing uppermost. Some of the most popular ideas will be forwarded by Russell to the Headmaster for reflection!

Director of Scholars Robert Massey commented:
‘Russell achieves the impossible: he gets pupils thinking, while making learning and listening to each other fun. Scholars for kindness? Praise points only and no negative points? Scholars can only benefit from being asked to question their assumptions and tap into their inner creativity.’

Russell will be back next term to set some more challenges.