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EPQ Presentation Day

In Lower Sixth, many students opt to take part in the Extended Project Qualification, an additional academic qualification that comprises a long term research period into a chosen topic. The end result of nearly a year of work is a final written piece, for those students who entered into an academic or theoretical area, or an artefact designed and constructed by students for those whose project focused more on an artform or creative discipline. The students’ research and work is overseen by a team of EPQ Supervisors who encourage and guide the projects' development.

After months of careful research working towards their final goal, Upper Sixth EPQ students completed their qualification on Wednesday 3 October at the EPQ presentation day. Chaired by Mrs Atkins, the day consisted of presentations and demonstrations from projects as far-ranging as Ellie’s essay exploring the distortion of history in Henry IV in Shakespeare’s eponymous play to ‘The historical development of the English longbow’ – involving an impressive homemade, functioning longbow! Other projects included the writing, direction, and production of a play by drama student Eden, as well as Tobi’s investigation into the science of cheating in competitive sports.

Well done to all students who have just completed the qualification, for all their hard work and dedication, and thank you to Mrs Atkins and all the EPQ supervisors for their guidance and supervision.