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House Drama Unmasked

The 1532 is back! What an exciting way to open the MacKinnon Theatre to the public again. Six amazing performances, directed and acted by our pupils, that went from page to stage in less than 12 hours. The performances were at such an incredible standard and, as a school, we are so proud of our pupils and what their creative minds can achieve in a day.

The student writers were challenged to create a ten-minute play with only one stimulus – the title Unmasked. It was great to be able to socially interact with different year-groups again, allowing the pupils to create masterpieces with no restrictions! Sixth-formers from each House took on the responsibilities of director. This allowed them to be team leaders, decision makers and artistic creators.

This year’s judges were two Old Bristolians, George Dix and Rob Ryan. They spent the day watching the Houses rehearse and giving them top tips for the final performance.

The opening performance was Short's House play written and directed by Alice (U6). Alice had a very creative outlook on the title Unmasked and created a 'lockdown' musical. Alice’s directing was praised by the judges, winning her the award for 'Best director'.

Astrid (L6), who wrote Edwards’s play, took a different direction and explored the mysteriousness of the title Unmasked, basing her play on the well-known children’s show Scooby-doo.

Year 11 pupils Chloe and Isla, who wrote Niamir’s play, had a similar idea and created an eerie yet comedic murder mystery. Similarly Lilly (Y11) wrote a murder mystery for Hilliard’s, set in a Masquerade Ball where the knowledgeable host was anonymous and only spoke in riddles.

However Year 10 pupil Daisy's take on Unmasked impressed the judges so much that she was awarded 'Best Playwright' representing Scott’s. Scott’s play showed the experience of a migrated German in the UK during WWII. They exposed the reality of the tormented emotions and confusion the children experienced during the war.

However there could only be one winner. For the third year in a row, Glenn’s stole the show. Their comedic play, written by Sofia (Y10), highlighted the ridiculousness of certain aspects of the COVID restrictions we’ve been experiencing. Morgan (L6) directed Glenn’s to victory and impressed the judges with his creativity. The actors amused the audience so much they were awarded with more than one round of applause.

The final awards of the night went to Seth (Y10) and Laura (Y11), both in Edwards’s, who won 'Best Individual Performance' due to their amusing and unique characterisation which stood out from the other actors.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the day. Your hard work produced six truly impressive performances, providing the judges with plenty to think about. Our thanks go to judges George and Rob for giving their time and expertise to support this great day of drama.