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Shakespeare Club present Macbeth

This year, BGS Juniors Shakespeare Club presented a play set in a world where the natural order of things was disrupted, where there was a dramatic sense of isolation, where people made plans based on prophecies about the future, and where the characters spent a disproportionate amount of time washing their hands – it all seemed very apposite!

For our first performance since lockdowns began, we felt very fortunate to be able to stage Macbeth in the MacKinnon Theatre. The stunning sound and visual effects, the strikingly sparse set and the Scottish costumes all enhanced the haunting and evocative characterisations that the children created. The young cast tackled powerful themes and whilst there was plenty of murder it never descended into mayhem, for like consummate professionals they rose to every challenge. They revelled in the guts and gore, but also in the pure poetry of the Shakespearian language, and they did themselves proud. “Thanks to all at once, and to each one, whom we invited to see us" in our show.

Sian Scott-Wilson