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BGS Wildlife Photographer of the Year judge announced

We are delighted to announce that this year’s BGS Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition will be judged by Jeff Wilson, a wildlife film director and documentary photographer based in Bristol. Raised in Kenya, he has spent the last 17 years travelling to the most remote corners of the globe to capture untold stories from the wild for the BBC, Discovery Channel, Netflix and Disney. In that time has worked in 65 countries on all seven continents. Jeff’s passion lies in sharing his unwavering excitement of every aspect of the natural world, and takes great pleasure in letting Mother Nature constantly show him who’s in charge.

The closing date for entries is fast approaching (Wednesday 16 May), so don’t forget to send your best photos to Mr Harford.

If you’re in need of inspiration, take a look at the displays of previous year’s entries on the side of the Sixth Form Centre, or check out the top tips below:

· Be creative and experiment with angles, textures and colours
· Get down to eye level with your subject
· Remember backgrounds and foregrounds
· Shoot portrait as well as landscape – publishers like both!
· Leading lines and repeating patterns
· Ignore all the rules!