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ECMUN 2020: Exeter College virtual Model United Nations

BGS students were successful in this weekend’s Exeter College Model United Nations. This event was held online and was superbly organised by the students at Exeter. A number of South West schools and colleges took part in four committees, discussing issues as varied as the situation in Syria and the right to privacy in a digital age. Interestingly, a Historical Security Council looked at previous challenges to the international community such as responses to 9/11 and the collapse of the former Yugoslavia.

BGS delegates representing China were chosen by the Exeter students as the Best Delegation overall, winning the shield for the seventh year in a row. Upper-sixth student Inigo was chosen as Best Delegate on the Security Council and fellow Upper-sixth member Rosa likewise on Human Rights, while Katie and Sol (also both U6) were each Highly Commended on the Economic and the Historical Security Council respectively.

In addition, delegates representing Saudi Arabia won a Commended Delegation award, with individual recognition for Jasleen (L6) and Will (U6). Particular praise is also due to Lower-sixth student Dan, who won a Commended Delegate award at his first ever MUN event.

BGS MUN Secretary-General Inigo comments, ‘This event was fantastic. There were technical issues but our hosts at Exeter did brilliantly. It was great to be able to discuss the effects of coronavirus on world problems without it stopping our event from happening at all.’