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Mock Election at BGS

Last week BGS held its Mock Election. The vote, which took place on Wednesday 4 December, was open to pupils in Years 3–6, as well as those in the Senior School.

The campaign was lively and robust. Hustings were held at school assemblies and House Assemblies and there was a separate question-and-answer hustings just before voting itself. The challenge the five candidates faced was to run a positive campaign and, indeed, to produce posters and speeches which stressed the benefits of voting for them. This was very largely achieved. Turnout was over 85% and the results were as follows:

Inigo, Liberal Democrats 490 votes
Ozan, Brexit Party 203 votes
Jay, Conservative Party 153 votes
Rosa, Green Party 150 votes
Katie, Labour Party 124 votes

The Lib Dems are to be congratulated on their victory, which saw them win every year group apart from a tied Lower Sixth result. BGS had voted Green Party in 2017, so this was a considerable change in electoral fortunes. We wait to see how far if at all, the result reflects national trends when the country goes to the polls on Thursday.