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International success at Greenpower Final

Since its inception in 1999 when just twelve teams took part, Greenpower racing has grown considerably; this year over 400 teams from across the world competed, with BGS entering three cars. The International Final weekend involved three different categories of racing – Saturday was the international kit car final featuring BGS car Megazord. Victory in 2014 had been followed by the disappointment of electronic failures in 2015 and the team was keen to make amends.

The 5.20am start was quickly forgotten as the students worked brilliantly as a team to prepare the cars, get through scrutineering and out onto early morning practice on the Rockingham Oval race track. Minor adjustments were made and our newly sponsored race batteries were fitted; the anticipation and anxiety increasing. Off the start line Megazord took an immediate lead, its pace unmatched by the other teams. Our first driver, Matthew, steered the vehicle gallantly through the meandering backmarkers during his forty-minute stint and the quickest pit stop and driver change was accomplished to get James out for the middle run with consistent lap times being achieved. Our final driver, Hayden, had the responsibility of bringing the car home whilst others were failing on track. This is the most nervous part of the race as all teams hope their strategies and gearing have been optimised, so as the final fifteen minutes of the ninety-minute race unfolded we were delighted to see Megazord retain its pace and reliability and take the International victory.


For the following day’s racing all three cars were on the track together. Terazord was on the third row of the grid having qualified with twelfth highest distance and Megazord and Gigazord were in 46th and 47th respectively. Gearing had been lowered to take account of the torrential rain and our cars appeared slow as the race got under way. We were confident with our strategy but mid-way through the race the weather improved, handing back the advantage to others. However, as the final fifteen minutes arrived our lap times remained consistent while those who went off with a more rapid pace saw theirs increase. As the chequered flag was shown, Terazord took fourth in the F24 category and Megazord third in the kit car category.


Terazord was competitive from the start in Race 2, keeping pace with the top five international teams. It was again a fear that we may have over-geared and the final fifteen minutes were tense as we watched three of the top five cars begin to slow, but fortunately our vehicle was holding a good speed. With two laps to go, we took second place and were lapping with little pace change. We finished having lapped the third place car but missing the first place by a short distance. We have more to gain but will now have to wait until 2017 before we can look for our first win for Terazord, having to settle for the second best F24 car in the world.

Megazord went on to win the second race with Gigazord finishing in the top 50 for both races. Megazord was awarded with bronze medals and cup for Race 1 on Sunday and Gold medals and cup for Race 2 along with a Silverline tool kit from one of the sponsors, and Terazord was awarded Silver medals and cup for the F24 category which means BGS Greenpower were the most successful school team in the 2016 International final.


Thanks go to our supporters, parent helpers, those who have given us sponsorship, Jeremy Naughalty and Richard Gunston and all the superb students who have been involved throughout the years.

Phill Thomas