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Dead on Time CSI event

BGS Year 9 Scholars took part in a brilliant all-day STEM event earlier this month. This was a chance to bring together all our Academic, Creative Arts and Sports Scholars and to offer them stretch and challenge beyond their normal curriculum.

Pupils were divided into teams of four and asked to assess crime scene photo evidence. They then had to carry out DNA, fingerprinting and toxicology tests, applying problem-solving skills at a fast pace. Confronted by twists, turns and shock revelations, the teams could only solve the case by applying clear critical skills.

Participant Bea commented: "For a while now, I have been really interested in forensic science and considered it for my future career and have really enjoyed having this experience. I have learnt lots of new things, such as DNA and fingerprints, and feel lucky to have been able to take part in today’s event. Thank you!"

Fellow Year 9 scholar Hayden said "I massively enjoyed this workshop, as it went extremely in-depth into the science and dealt with a real case. I found the addition of working on a problem under pressure to be particularly valuable and I liked how the case fell into place through the day."

Each team was scored on achievement in the challenge, with the highest score on the day being achieved by an all-girl team consisting of Heidi, Annie, Hana and Daisy. The organisers praised their performance saying: "They were truly superb. The winning team only just missed the record score by 10 points - which is incredibly close considering the record is 223,750!"

Reflecting on the day, the winning team said "We had a lot of fun and the experience was great. We developed our skills in team work and in more practical and analytical skills."

Well done to all the participants on a great days work.