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Future Climate Friday

Climate change is the current rapid warming of the Earth's climate caused by human activity. If left unchecked it poses an unprecedented threat to human civilisation and the ecosystems on this planet.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) latest report confirms we are not taking action fast enough; we are in the midst of a climate crisis.
Changing this must be everyone’s priority.

This Friday, 20 September, we're asking the Bristol Grammar School community make some small changes that can make a big difference, by:
• Walking, cycling or taking public transport to and from School
Why? To reduce our carbon emissions and harmful pollutants in the earth’s atmosphere.
• Enjoy a meat free lunch
Why? To reduce deforestation for cattle ranching; to reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by animal agriculture; to reduce the world’s animal product production ‘water footprint’; to reduce our food miles.
• Write to your local MP
Why? An MP has tens of thousands of constituents, and many political issues competing for their attention - make them pause to look at the bigger picture and ensure they recognise that climate change should be high on their priorities.
• Power Down Hour
Why? Can you turn off non-essential electric lights to highlight the need to reduce our carbon footprint associated with energy consumption and emission. Are you ever the last person to leave a room and not turn the lights off? Do you leave items on standby?

Other things you can do this month –
Join Oxfam’s ‘Second Hand September’
Join Keep Britain Tidy in saying no to single use items this September – ‘Waste Less Live More’ https://www.keepbritaintidy.or...
Join the United Nations in promoting action ‘ACT NOW’

This is only the start…
We want our pupils to engage with the climate crisis and come up with solutions for our community.
We have already put a number of steps in place to support the actions required – now you can help go even further!

Environmental Societies meets every week – we hope to see as many of you as possible…
The Senior Environmental Society for Year 11 and Sixth Form meets in J15 at 2pm on Mondays
The Junior Environmental Society for Years 7-10 meets in B15 at 2pm on Thursdays