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The star attraction

An exciting new addition to the BGS school site arrived over the half-term break. Thanks to the generous support of the Barry Theo Jones Fund, Bristol Grammar School now has its very own observatory.

There has been a huge growth in interest in Astrophysics, thanks to the likes of Brian Cox and fantastic space exploration projects like the Cassini and Juno missions sending back never before seen beautiful images, and BGS already has an active and thriving Astronomy Club. Classroom sessions have covered some basic astrophysics like dark matter and the expansion of the universe and the Club have also enjoyed star gazing nights here at the School using a telescope and binoculars.

The new observatory provides two 10 inch telescopes, one computerised and one hand operated; binoculars; camera and filter for light pollution; eyepieces and accessories to go with the telescopes for visual observing; and, of course, a lovely looking dome to house the main computerised telescope.

We hope that these new facilities will allow even more of our students to be inspired by astrophysics and astronomy, through both observation nights and daytime observation of our sun. Students interested in finding out more about the Astronomy Club and the new observatory should contact Mr Withey-Tebby (Physics Technician).