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What’s app-ening at BGS?

Last week Year 8 pupils at BGS took part in the Digital Creators Challenge, an initiative which aims to boost their digital skills and introduce them to future careers in the exciting world of technology.

Working in teams, Year 8 pupils spent a morning developing an app prototype, designed to improve lives in their local community. Year 9 classes have also been completing this project in their ICT lessons. Working in teams our pupils came up with some great ideas – from a carbon footprint tracker to help tackle climate change to a ‘Lost and Found’ app to reunite misplaced property with its owners, the apps aimed to tackle problems big and small.

After brainstorming to come up with their app idea, each group worked together to research and refine their plans. They create a profile of the likely user of the app, helping them to decide its key features and functions. As well as putting together a thirty-second elevator pitch outlining their ideas, each group also made a one-minute video promoting their app and created wireframes to show its flow and user interface.

The project was a brilliant way for our pupils to learn more about how apps, and products in general, are developed, and to gain an insight into how technology can be used to provide solutions to a wide range of challenges and problems. Thank you to the BGS Computing department for organising this enjoyable and educational experience for Year 8 and 9.