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Greenpower at Castle Combe

On Sunday 16 September our two cars and teams of pupils were involved in racing the electric cars at the Castle Combe circuit. After an early start, and successfully passing of the mandatory scrutineering of fifty separate criteria to which the cars must conform, we were allowed onto the track for practice. An electrical issue caused Terazord to be returned to the pit area on a trailer and we set about rectifying a broken power surge controller and also re-programme Megazord to create a soft ramp up of the speed. All drivers completed the test laps and we prepared the cars for race one.

Superb starts by Sophie in Megazord and Hayden in Terazord saw us compete at the very front of the field of 74 cars. Driver changes in Megazord were as slick as previously managed and the car remained competitive with Lucy at the wheel. Our closest rival from Bromsgrove, with a significantly modified kit car, remained ahead of us despite them slowing in the late stages of the race. We remained quick thanks to our third driver Lilly, but could not close the deficit and finished in second place.

Terazord was delayed in the pit when Matthew tried to depart as scrutineers held a car before ours while they adjusted their seat belt. No matter how well we drove, the loss of that initial two minutes was too much to make up and when Yago took over for the final drive there was nothing we could do but settle for fifth.

Race two saw Tom join the Megazord team in order to gain the experience that would allow him to drive again at the International final. Our competitors had chosen to increase their speed with a change of gearing but we remained unchanged in both cars. Off the line, Sophie again showed great awareness and put Megazord into a strong position. Bromsgrove were ten seconds a lap quicker but we knew it wouldn’t last. Matt started the Terazord drive and both cars had smooth driver changes keeping them competitive. Lucy and Hayden took the second stint whilst Tom and Yago finished the race in their respective cars. Terazord managed 44.4 miles in 90 minutes ending in second and Megazord managed 37.2 miles to take first place. Overall standings for both races saw us take two second positions on the day. The pit crew, time keepers and race leaders for each car worked superbly and it was the most enjoyable day of racing thanks to the presence and support of the families who shared our Greenpower experience.

Mr Thomas