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Exciting times ahead for our Upper Sixth leavers 2018

Student profile: Toby

Mathematics A, History A, Design & Technology A*
Although I am moving on to do an apprenticeship, I still needed to get 3Bs to get into university as I will spend a day a week there and the other four days working with the construction company in London, so I am really happy with my results.

I am really looking forward to learning while on the job; the practical experience I will gain will definitely help with getting a job when my apprenticeship ends. As well as getting on the job training, the company will be paying my course fees and pay me a salary. I enjoy working in the classroom but it will be nice to be starting on the job from day 1 and earning at the same time.


I started thinking about doing an apprenticeship rather than moving on to university after speaking to the BGS Careers Department at the beginning of the Lower Sixth. My interest in construction was built upon when I toured BGS’s Performing Arts Centre during its construction, and I was mentored by a friend’s parent who was involved in the project. I had a few contacts but I also did a lot of self-research supported by the Careers team; I applied to a few construction companies, but many of them wanted to wait until after Results Day before offering me a position. The company who I am working with interviewed me on the phone and then invited me to London to go and meet them so I have started building a relationship with them already.

BGS Sixth Form has helped me to become more independent, and given me many opportunities to take on greater responsibility, such as being a Prefect. I’ve had plenty of support from all the teachers.

I’ve been at BGS since Year 3 and I will miss the positive attitude and philosophy here. It is such a welcoming place and everyone is so friendly; moving on is quite daunting but I am looking forward to starting the apprenticeship.

Student profile: Emma
Maths A*, Chemistry A*, Biology A*, Latin A*

I am really pleased with my results. I always knew that the science route was the area I was most interested in pursuing after school, but I decided that I wanted to study Medicine in Year 11. I’m heading to Birmingham University as I really liked the campus and atmosphere when I visited and they have the hospital and sports facilities on-site. I’ve volunteered at Southmead Hospital and spent time with a GP in preparation for the course.


The last two years in the Sixth Form have been busy and I’ve had to work hard, but I’ve enjoyed myself and all the hard work was worth it. I’ve made sure that I have kept up with school activities to balance my studies and give me something else to focus on: I played hockey and athletics, and have enjoyed being in the BGS Choir, Orchestra and Saxophone groups.

University is a big life change, and BGS has made me feel academically ready to move on; the School has taught me to be more independent and to use my free time wisely. I know that if I put in the work, the results will pay off.

I will miss the school routine and support from teachers as there has always been someone to check on me here – my Form Tutor, Head of House, or subject teachers – and I have known who to turn to when I needed support.

Student profile: Oscar
Mathematics A*, Further Mathematics A*, Chemistry A*, Biology A*, Physics A*, Music A*, Spanish A*

I am delighted by my results, and am moving on to study Natural Sciences at St Catharine’s College at Cambridge University on a Choral Scholarship; it was the only university I applied to for this subject but I also looked at Imperial, Southampton and Warwick for Physics.

The Natural Sciences course at Cambridge is broad yet well integrated unlike at other universities where the sciences are separately taught; I will be able to get a taste of lots of different sciences in the first year, and then choose what I want to specialise in during my second and third years.

The Careers Department has really helped me with the different options available, and have arranged various events to help us decide what we want to move onto: ex-students have also come into School to speak to us about their chosen courses/careers.


The last two years in the Sixth Form have been intense but enjoyable. There are so many opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities at BGS. I have been working towards completing my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, which included a four-day canoeing trip down the River Wye, and have taken part in the School’s running activity every week. During the Upper Sixth I was invited to take part in the National Finals of the UK Chemistry Olympiad, meaning I was in the top thirty students nationally, and UK Biology Olympiad where I was in the top sixteen.

Outside of school, I volunteer for the Clifton Cathedral Choir at their Sunday Family Mass, and have run the Bristol 10k for the last three years.

Music has always been one of my biggest hobbies. In March I achieved a Distinction in my ARSM diploma on the piano, and I am waiting for my results for the DipABRSM diploma on the flute which I took after I finished my ‘A’ levels. I have enjoyed being a part of the School’s Choirs and Orchestras and have regularly performed in School competitions and concerts. I’m really pleased that I was able to sing Bridge over Troubled Water at our final Leavers Assembly as this was the first song we performed in the Year 7 Pop Medley.

I will miss the BGS community, and the staff and students who have supported me during my years at the School.