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Going Green at Bristol Uni

BGS Infants and Juniors Eco-team have just returned from an exciting visit to the University of Bristol Chemistry labs!

Planet Green have been working collaboratively with the University on their air pollution project, by taking ownership of monitoring air quality levels around BGS – calling this ‘Project X’.

Last month, we set up test tubes at spots chosen by the children around the grounds here in Clifton, as well as at our Failand site. Today, it was time to take these samples to the lab to find out just how polluted certain areas of the school are.

Dressed as true scientists, the children got to work mixing solutions and recording data with Dr Chris Adams and his first year students. The children looked out for the degree of ‘pinkness’ in the solution, which showed the amount of nitrogen dioxide present. The final results will reach us soon, and from there we can draw some conclusions and decide what action to take.