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Prefect team-building

On Thursday 10 May, the Prefects for 2018–2019 attended their formal assembly, receiving their prefect ties and badges. This was followed by a Leadership and Team Building Day at Failand.

The Prefects were mixed by roles and Houses, working alongside new friends as they took on the day's challenges. The first timed activity was an orienteering task with a twist; testing communication skills. Half of each team were one side of Failand and the other half of the team were the other side, behind the woods. Using map skills and walkie talkies, the team had to work together to guide the other half of the team to find letters. At the end of the task, the reunited team placed their two sets of letters together to reveal the phrase 'Build and Fire Your Catapult'. The teams that had better communication skills, had more letters, solved the phrase quickly and bagged more points, ready for the next task.

After break, the second task was to build a catapult – the students were given six wooden pieces and a bucket with ropes and a catapult. Under timed conditions, they had to work as a team and build a catapult to fire water filled balloons at the teacher targets. Depending on the points from the first round, this would determine the number of balloons. Each team fired their balloons and the winners were announced before everyone enjoyed a buffet lunch together.