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Science Quiz National Final

On Thursday 1 October, last year’s BGS Juniors Science quiz team competed in the finals of the Quiz Club National Inter-School Championships. Lohith and Jin (now in Year 7) joined Harry and Kian (Year 6) to compete in the online final, postponed from last term. Out of 442 teams (1,768 children) that competed across the UK, they had made it through to the top 50.

The children participated individually on iPads and each child’s score was added to the team total. At the end of Round 3, we were delighted to see two of our team players appear on the score board! Out of a total of 200 children in the final, Jin was in 19th place and Lohith in 15th. By the end of the final round, Lohith had crept up to 13th place with a score of 425 (only 40 points behind the top score).

An hour later, the team scores were revealed: Bristol Grammar School in 5th place!! The boys celebrated with a socially-distanced dance! Huge congratulations to all of them for brilliant performances in the area heats and final!

We are keeping our fingers crossed for our General Knowledge quiz team in next week’s final…