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2 world records in 2 days!

Just one day after Year 8 and 9 BGS pupils achieved a world record score in the 'Target Mars' challenge event, Year 10 pupils did the same in their 'Bunkered' event.

BGS Year 10 pupils very much enjoyed the 'Bunkered' STEM event, in which they were tasked with planning a bunker capable of surviving an asteroid colliding with Earth. With tough decisions to make about which specialist people to include and how to keep them alive, teams then grappled with the challenge of building electronic circuits under extreme time pressure.

For the second day in succession, a new world record was set by a BGS team, with Team China earning medals as top team in the event for their all-round problem solving and teamwork qualities.

Year 10 scholar Lucy was also a winner as she provided the highest number of correct responses during the day.