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Women in Economics at BGS

On Thursday 3 October, Bristol Grammar School’s Economics Department, working in partnership with Bristol University, local state schools and the local community, hosted `Women in Economics’ – an afternoon of talks from four prominent female economists.

‘Women in Economics’ was designed to show young female students why women need economics, and economics needs women. Its aim was to aid gender diversity in the subject of economics and inspire young female students to consider a future in the field.

The event featured talks by Sarah Biggin (Head of Economics at Bristol Grammar School); Sarah Smith (Head of Economics at the University of Bristol, Chair, Royal Economic Society (RES) Women’s Committee, Co-chair Discover Economics campaign working group); Janet Henry (Old Bristolian and Global Chief Economist at HSBC); and Bavnisha Tulsiani (Economist at the Bank of England).

BGS was delighted to host 'Women in Economics' in the 1532 Performing Arts Centre’s MacKinnon Theatre and to welcome so many economics students and teachers from a wide-range of schools across the area. We hope all the attendees enjoyed the event.

Sarah Smith, Head of Economics at the University of Bristol, deemed the Women in Economics event a great success for the subject:

"Being in a room almost entirely full of women and girls is a rare thing in economics! It was fantastic to see so many people turning up to find out more about it – and to be part of an all-female panel talking about what economics has to offer women. From the experience of Bristol’s students, to a first year at the Bank of England, to the view from the top as HSBC’s chief economist, I hope there was something to interest and inspire everyone.”