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BGS teams reach TeenTech finals

The TeenTech Awards is a competition focussing on using innovation and creativity to develop an idea that could make life easier, simpler or better. It is open to all ideas across a wide range of topics.

BGS entered the competition for the first time this year with four teams submitting projects. Every single team came away with an award and some even made it through to the finals. The entries were:

Year 8 pupils Chris & Orin’s app helping you use up food you already have in your house to prevent food waste – Silver Award

Gemma’s (Year 7) bread bin that used technology to help bread last longer – Gold Award

Mark’s (Year 9) proposals on the many ways that fungi could be used to improve transport – Silver Award and Finalist

Year 9 pupils Miranda and Kandara’s product letting you know when your fruit is ripe and ready to eat – Silver Award and Finalist

This is a huge achievement for all involved with many hours of research and work going into each project. Congratulations to all of you and good luck to Mark, Miranda and Kandara in the final next month.

TeenTech 2022 finalists