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Bath International Schools' MUN

Bristol Grammar School delegates enjoyed outstanding success at the Bath International Schools’ Model United Nations event at Kingswood School last weekend (6–8 March).

A strong delegation representing France were chosen as Best Delegation overall, the third time in the last three years that BGS has entered this event that we have been successful. Inigo (L6) and Kyle (Y11) were chosen as Best Delegates on the Middle East and Human Rights Committees respectively, while Katie (L6), Lucas (Y11), Sol (L6) and Jay (U6) earned Highly Commended status.

There was success for pupils representing Saudi Arabia, too. Lower-sixth students Rosa and Ozan were given Highly Commended status while brother and sister team Jasveer (Y8) and Jasleen (Y11) earned commendation as Best Junior Delegates for Saudi Arabia and Paraguay respectively.

BGS Secretary-General commented: "BISMUN offered a high standard of debate this year, with schools from Germany and all over the UK represented. We prepared resolutions on so many topics, from the situation in the Arctic to climate change to LGBT rights. This was my last proper MUN event, and it was nice to go out on a high."

BGS staff member Robert Massey commented: "These awards are given by the committee chairs themselves, with no staff involvement. To gain recognition from their peers in this way was truly impressive for our delegates."