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STEM Café: Bristol Dinosaur Project

Our recent STEM Café hosted Rhys Charles and Cameron Crossan from the University of Bristol’s ‘Bristol Dinosaur Project’. The duo took an intrigued audience of pupils, parents and staff on a journey through millions of years with the help of some amazing fossils! We learned about Bristol’s very own local dinosaur – Thecodontosaurus – and how some incredible discoveries are helping palaeontologists finally piece together things like colour, behaviour and the meat on dinosaurs’ bones, long thought to be beyond our reach. Our pupils (and adults!) were full of questions by the end, which Rhys and Cameron happily answered with the help of some real dinosaur bones and other fossils they had brought with them.

BGS STEM Cafés cover a wide range of topics and are open to pupils, parents and guardians, and staff, usually with no need to book in advance – keep an eye on our website Events pages and the Weekly Email for upcoming events.